When you arrive at Tokashiki Island? (For arrival guests)

☆Guests who need transportation to go to beach after arrival

The basic check-in time at Kerama Backpackers is from 16:00 to 18:00.

If you arrive by ship in the morning or afternoon, we will pick you up at Tokashiki Port (or Aharen Port) and take you to my marine activity shop, "Islands  Trip", located near Aharen Beach. (Guests arriving by evening ship can check in directly.)
 After registering there and leaving your luggage, you are free to spend your free time until about 15:30.

After returning to the marine activity shop at around 15:30 to shower and change, we will leave at 16:00 to take you back to Kerama Backpackers for check-in.

*After playing in the Aharen Beach, you will not be able to get on the pick-up car while still wet, so please be sure to change your clothes.

☆Guests who do not need to be picked up after arrival

Guests who walk around Tokashiki Island or rent a car (rental bike), etc. and do not need to be picked up, the check-in time is 16:00~18:00, so please be sure to check in once during this time.

The owner's house is not a guesthouse, so after 18:00, owner may not be available, and the entrance is auto-locked, so please make sure to check in during the check-in time.

Guests who wish to leave only their luggage after arrival, please leave it with our staff who will pick it up at Tokashiki Port in time for the ship.

Guests staying at the inn for consecutive nights

We will send out a shuttle car for the beach around 8:45 in the morning. We will take you to Tokashiku Beach or Aharen Beach (for Islands Trip).

There is no pick-up at Tokashiku Beach, so please walk to Islands Trip in the Aharen area until around 15:30 (approx. 30 mins walk) or walk back to Kerama Backpackers (approx. 30 mins walk).

If you come to Islands Trip by walk from Tokashiku Beach and get on the pick-up car, please be sure to shower and change your clothes before getting on the car if you are wet (not even half-dry) from the seawater.

The pick-up car departs between 16:00 and 16:30, so please be sure to arrive at 15:30.
If you arrive too late, you may not be able to get on the car.

Guests returning from Tokashiki Island (checking out on the same day)

For guests taking the 10:00 Marine Liner Tokashiki 1st from Tokashiki Port, it is a 7.8 minute walk to Tokashiki Port, so please check out on your time and walk to Tokashiki Port.

For passengers boarding the 14:00 Marine Liner Tokashiki (※only summer season), 16:00 Ferry Tokashiki, 17:30 Marine Liner Tokashiki, 9:05 Mitsushima 2nd and 16:05 Mitsushima 5th departing from Tokashiki Port or Aharen Port, check-out time is 10:00. We will use a courtesy car to take you to Aharen Beach (for Islands Trip) at around 8:45 in the morning.
Please note that we can take you to the Tokashiku Beach , but not a pick you up for those checking out.

We will keep your luggage free of charge at Islands Trip, and if you are going to Tokashiki Port, we will drop you off at Tokashiki Port one hour before the departure time.

If you board Mitsushima 2nd at 9:05am, we will take you directly to Aharen Port, so please ride in the shuttle car at 8:45.

If you board Mitsushima 5th at 16:05, you can leave your luggage at Islands Trip and spend free time during the day.

(※The Mitsushima is shuttle boat for Aka island and Zamami island)

Luggage storage after check-out & late check-out

Check-out time is until 10:00 in the morning.

Please return sheets and pillowcases to the black basket in front of the reception desk and check out by 10:00am.

There is a charge of ¥500 for staying after 10:00 and for luggage storage at the guesthouse.

Luggage storage and use of the shower room is free at Islands Trip, a marine store in the Abalone area, so please use that.















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新型コロナウィルス感染症による営業自粛を5月20日まで延長致します。Due to the Corona virus infection, we have extended our business restriction until 20th of May.


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