Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of the COVID-19

Kerama Backpackers establishes guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection I did.
In the meantime, with the number of infected people decreasing, the emergency declaration has been lifted and economic activity has resumed However, the development of an effective vaccine is also thought to be a long way off, and we need to take steps to prevent the spread of infection again in the future. The guideline has been formulated.

Basic Checklist

・Daily temperature measurement for staff
・Thoroughly disinfecting the staff's bodies
・Disinfection of guest rooms, toilets, shower rooms and kitchens
・Staff to wear masks
・Installation and use of disinfectant solution in the facility
・Request that guests wear masks and maintain social distance to the extent possible.

Basic measures to prevent the spread of infection

【What the Kerama Backpackers do】

・We will take your temperature upon your arrival.
・We will open the windows in the guesthouse and pick-up truck to ventilate the guesthouse as much as possible.
・We will use disinfectant when cleaning the rooms and in the facilities such as toilet, shower room and kitchen.
・We try to avoid crowding in other rooms.
If we learn that a person infected with the COVID-19 has used the Kerama Backpackers, we will inform the store of their presence. You will be forced to take a leave of absence. Please understand that this will make it difficult for us to accept your request.

【What we ask our guests to do】

・If possible, please take your temperature every day for 2 weeks before your stay. If you can't do it, please do it only the night before.
・If you can't do it, please do it only the night before. We will take your temperature at the time of your stay. If you have a fever (37.5°C or more) at that point, please do not stay the night. If you have a fever of 37.5°C or higher, please do not stay in the hotel.
・Please wear a mask during your stay.
・If you can't bring your own mask, we can prepare disposable masks for you for a fee of 100 yen per sheet. Please make sure to wear it during your stay.
・We will prepare disinfectant for you, so please be sure to use the shower room, toilet and kitchen frequently. Please disinfect the room (after use, etc.).
・There are no face towels in the toilets, kitchen and bathrooms. If you forget to bring it, you can borrow it free of charge. If you have forgotten it, we can lend it to you free of charge at reception.
・When using the kitchen and common room, please try to stagger your use as much as possible so as not to be crowded, or wear a mask if you are using the room with other guests.
・The state of emergency has been lifted, but if the state of emergency is declared again, or if Okinawa or Tokashiki village is in danger of being flooded, please contact the reception desk. If you are asked to refrain from traveling, the guest house may be closed again. In that case, please contact us to cancel your reservation.

Kelama Backpackers uses slightly acidic hypochlorous water (salinity of 30-50%) to disinfect hands and bedding. ppm), slightly acidic hypochlorous water (salinity) for disinfection of tables, doorknobs, toilets and shower rooms, etc. In this case, the concentration of the alkylamine oxide is 100ppm) or a surfactant (containing alkylamine oxide) is used.
The surfactant has been shown to be effective against the new coronavirus by NITE (Independent Administrative Institution). (National Institute of Technology and Evaluation). osirasedetergentlist.html
The effectiveness of hypochlorous acid water is currently being tested by NITE, but no conclusion has been reached. However, there are some data that show certain effects. osirasefaq20200430.html
file:///C:/C:/Users/%E6%B7%B3/Downloads/d56737 -3-pdf-0.pdf
At Kerama Backpackers, we used ph test papers and salinity test papers to test for microbes. We use acidic hypochlorous water, but if you are concerned about the effectiveness of disinfection with hypochlorous water We ask that you bring your own alcohol disinfectan

Cancellation Policy in the COVID-19

・If there is any suspicion of infection among the guests, the guesthouse is considered as a person with high contact frequency. In some cases, we may have to suspend our own operations.
・If you suspect COVID-19 infection, such as fever or coughing, at the time of pick-up or check-in, you may be forced to suspend your child from work. If you are in contact with a person who has contracted the new coronavirus, you may be asked to suspend your stay.
・If you come in contact with a person with COVID-19 from before the trip until check-in on the day of the trip, you may be asked to stay at the hotel. If there is any doubt, please contact us as soon as possible to cancel your reservation.
・If you are not feeling well, please do not stay in the hotel even if there is no suspicion of COVID-19 infection.
・In case of cancellation, a cancellation fee will be charged unless the cancellation is malicious. No, we do not. Please do not hesitate to contact us for cancellation in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Contact information in case of a suspected COVID-19 infection while traveling in Okinawa
・Consultation Service for New Coronavirus Infections (Call Center): 098-866-2129

Because Tokashiki Island is a small remote island with poor medical facilities (one clinic with one doctor and one nurse), priority is given to those who are eligible for the corona vaccine (12 years and older), and more than 70% of those who wish to be vaccinated have already received the second dose of the vaccine.
However, even the vaccine is not perfect, and the spread of infectious diseases can be a serious problem.
We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation so that everyone can stay with us with peace of mind.
Please note that only guests who have agreed to the above guidelines will be able to make reservations for your stay.
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新型コロナウィルス感染症による営業自粛の延長のお知らせ!Extension of the Voluntary Restraint on Business Due to the Corona virus Infection!

新型コロナウィルス感染症による営業自粛を5月20日まで延長致します。Due to the Corona virus infection, we have extended our business restriction until 20th of May.


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